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A Land Full of Stories

Want to check out other tales from around the Northwest Territories? Here's our full selection of stories – about sailing Great Slave Lake, the science of building an ice road, why muskoxen are showing up on our doorsteps, the North's official flower, and more.

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Choose A Magical Northern Adventure

The Northwest Territories specializes in unique journeys of mind, body and spirit, all year round. We invite you to share this spectacular world and all of its wonders. There's no better place to experience the power and mystery of the Aurora Borealis. The world's greatest fish stories begin here in lakes that are among the planet's biggest and cleanest. Paddling, rafting and cruising provide an up-close look at this epic land. Dozens of eager dog teams are waiting to whisk you over ice roads and along bush trails. And while in the Northwest Territories meet Northern people and learn firsthand about Indigenous cultures, uniquely vibrant in this Northern world.

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Spectacular Northwest Territories

We’re a place from the pages of history: a place that still lives free and wild. Big and big-hearted. Full of adventure and discovery. And more accessible than you think. The Northwest Territories is the last corner of North America to be tamed – home to the biggest and deepest lakes, the highest waterfalls, the fabled Northwest Passage, the forbidding Barrenlands, and so much more. It is home to people with deep roots, diverse cultures, hearty handshakes, and spellbinding stories. In our small towns, ancient ways still rule – and our cities burst with frontier spirit. And it is the best place on Earth to witness the cavorting Aurora and the midnight sun. In summer, we’re downright toasty. In winter, the weather gets weird, with sundogs, moonbows, trees frosted in glitter, and roads made out of ice.

Come and visit!

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Northwest Territories Tourism (NWTT) is a non-profit organization, established in 1996. NWTT serves close to 200 members whose businesses are directly or indirectly involved in the tourism industry. The association has dual responsibilities. NWT Tourism undertakes all the destination marketing activities for the Northwest Territories with funding from the Government of the Northwest Territories, and actively promotes all sectors of tourism for the Northwest Territories in both domestic and international markets. NWT Tourism also advocates on behalf of NWT tourism businesses and works to advance measures that help the industry grow.


#201 - 5204 - 50th Avenue

PO Box 610

Yellowknife, NT

X1A 2N5

Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm
Saturday - Sunday, Closed

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